Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drum circles and teams

Thinking about some common uses of music to generate community
kinda begs the question... Which is more important, the musical outcome or the social outcome? Are they inherently linked?
This came up while surfing-

Group Games
Drum cafe california
Drum Circle Workshop Video

"We unpack the 200 drums and form a circle of chairs. The delegates are completely unaware that they are about to drum and are by now beginning to arrive at the venue for their annual conference that begins in 1 hour.

We set up the team and as everyone has gathered outside the room we begin playing and they hear the drums calling from inside the conference room. When people walk in, they cannot believe their eyes when they find 200 drums laid out on the seats, and this amazing drumming music filling the room, being played by our team. Slowly, people find their way to their seats, all staring at each other with embarrassed smiles on their faces, not knowing really how to deal with the drum that is now in their lap.

Then, without saying a word, our facilitator gets up and starts to orchestrate the group with a massive repertoire of body language signals, bringing the 200 entry level musicians into perfect harmony." - From Drumcafecalifornia

I like the idea of non-verbal communication... its music, it does not need words

and then there is this...

from the Telematic Drum Circle

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