Saturday, November 28, 2009

So recently I have been thinking alot about participatory activities that are non-competitive and inclusive and thus this blog. Today I led a group orchestral piece (the first I have ever written) and it gave me even more to think about. One of the primary issues that came up and seems to come up every time I think about win-win situations is the idea of engagement/interest vs inclusiveness/openness. Why "vs"? For instance in the piece I led the less instruction I gave the messier and less focused the piece was and the less interested people appeared. Conversely as the rehearsals went on the more clear my instructions, the more shape it had and seemingly the more involved the people who were playing got. Is that a paradox? --people more involved when they have less freedom? Now obviously there are alot of other factors that are involved in my example and I only use it to illustrate a point. However,this idea has come up in so many ways lately from politics to relationships to arts and even going to the gym!! It makes me think about my plans for this evening. I am going to go out dancing with friends. What better win-win game is there? Its a group activity that involves a facilitator (the DJ) and a non competitive artistic expression. Its funny that I would want to start a blog and a music series about something that seems so new and exciting but given a minute or 2 of thought I realize its something I already do- I DJ and I dance. Here is some more food for thought:

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