Monday, March 22, 2010

When Im Dancing You Win When You're Dancing I Win

So we did this performance up in Vancouver (up for me) and by "we" I mean Gabe and I. It was a part of Front Magazine's launch party. It was great! People were sweet and very engaged and willing to actually have a dialog about what we were doing! Of course afterwards it was time to dance. YAY!!

Dancing is great! With friends or by yourself, in public or at home. Apparently this guy is a legend and one of my heroes:

I have talked a little about this in the past on this blog but I wanted to re-visit one of my favorite win-win games. I love dancing! I try to go out several time a month and would love to go out several times a week if I could. It can be so many things to different people and that is one of the things about it that makes me happy. Everyone brings their love to it. Whether they love the workout or the music or the social aspect or the getting crazy staying up late party vibe or whatever.

Then there are flash mobs! Seems like at one time they were pretty low key and kind of just groups of friends bringing fun to the public sphere. The beauty of this way of dealing with group dynamics and games is that the opportunity for random people to join in and get a taste of the fun themselves whether they are actually "involved" or not. This first video is one that is a little more open the second is a little more performancy but so great anyway and its for Gabe (I know how much you love the Antwerp central station).

Part of the reason for this post is that I was recently turned onto an awesome website called Dance Jam by a friend of mine and it really inspired me to try new moves and to really get into being more adventurous and physical. Lately, if I am feeling it, I get way more sweaty and into it than I ever did in the past. I have been feeling way more connected to my body just thru dancing. This may sound like a commercial but as a win-win game it is kind of deep.

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