Monday, December 7, 2009

Is winning a question?

Is this a win-win game?

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  1. I guess its llike that piece on one's and zero's
    by Laurie Anderson - really just in the connotations the word carries.

    Shane and I came up with a great winwin yeasterday in the livingroom. We have all these instruments hanging on the walls - gong, mbira, quitars, banjo, saws...we started shooting them with rubber bands, trying to interesting tones. It was soooo tres fun. Gave us an idea - what if you string up a room, cover the walls and ceiling with tensioned instrument strings of varying lengths and thicknesses, and have a bowl full of rubber bands for people to play the space with? Mark said we should have a bowl full of super bouncy rubber balls, which I think is a great idea. Can you hear it? We must make it happen!