Sunday, December 6, 2009

Le Tennis

Here is another one I totally love but have left dormant for waaaay too long. A couple of summers ago we had an informal group of friends that would get together at local tennis courts (usually at Col. Sumner park). The main focus of the game was fun and the understanding that none of us was particularly good at tennis so we had to have fun in other ways. So we developed a win-win game. Essentially it was a tennis game broken into percentages- this is how I remember them: fashion and style 55%, philosophy 10%, competition 5%, sport 30%. These could be wrong tho. Hopefully someone who was also involved can remember some more details.


  1. Oh, mon ami, I can't tell you how happy I am to see those photos. What babes. I think Le Tennis is a great example of how an existing game can be deconstructed into a new and more horizontal phenomena. I remember how beautifully fluid it all was, drifting between play and sport, exercise and indulgence. I haven't played any form of tennis since, but how can you if there aren't short-shorts, champagne and brie, unlimited breaks and entrances (and tennis balls) and the sound of a boom box blaring while someone reads aloud Debord?

    Under the tennis court... the beach!